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Salon Credit Card Processing

Why CPS?

  •  You can choose from a comprehensive range of payment solutions including countertop, wireless and virtual terminals.  


  • We offer fast and simple payment processing for credit, debit and gift cards.


  •  We’ll meet or beat discount rates to keep your costs lower and your competitive edge higher.  


  • We’ll boost your efficiency by offering faster access to your cash through next-day funding—that’s one to two days earlier than the standard funding cycle and to keep track of it all.


  • You’ll have access to online reporting and account management anywhere, anytime.


  • Our gift card and loyalty program can help you boost traffic, increase cash flow and enhance your bottom line.


  • Multi-language software available upon request.




Your clients shouldn’t be the only ones to benefit from a little peace of mind.

If you run a spa, hair salon, or nail salon, we know that your focus is making your clients feel beautiful and pampered. Neither is easy, but both are a lot more manageable with the right tools – whether it’s the right balayage board or a point-of-sale system you can count on.


At CPS we might not know much about beauty, but we know a lot about how a good POS system can help your business to thrive.


Clover™ POS systems can help your salon run smoothly, leaving you and your staff to take care of your customers.


The Benefits of Clover™ POS 


POS Systems are necessary for almost any business these days. While any POS system will facilitate cash or credit card sales and payment processing, it’s the added benefits that Clover™ provides that make it the best choice for your business:


  • Clover™ systems accept a huge variety of payment methods, including cash, credit, debit PIN transactions, EMV chip sales, and even mobile payments with Google Wallet and Apple Pay. Without a versatile POS system, you run the risk of having to turn down a potential client because you can’t accept their preferred payment method.


  • Customize your system with the Clover™ App Market. Clover™ is the only POS system with its own dedicated market for apps. From inventory apps like stockIt for handling vendor orders to marketing apps like Digital Word of Mouth, Clover™ can help with just about every aspect of your business. There’s even a dedicated app for salons: Salon Scheduler lets you schedule weekly appointments, send SMS reminders to customers, set service times, set employee commission percentages, and more!


  • Manage your business on your schedule. Your Clover™ system is accessible via cloud software that lets you get at your information and run your business anytime and anywhere you have Internet access.

Credit Card Processing Miami
Credit Card Processing Miami
Credit Card Processing Miami
Credit Card Processing Miami
Credit Card Processing Miami
Credit Card Processing Miami
Credit Card Processing Miami


We have the know-how that you need

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