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CPS is partnered with ADP for payroll services.  We are committed to helping your business succeed.  When your business works with our trusted advisors, you'll get expert, one-on-one payroll support from your dedicated team.  It's a better experience that is focused and customized to meet your unique needs.


By using a payroll service provider, your business can maximize time and efforts devoted to increasing your revenue and profitability.  Rely on the experts who are devoted to handle your employment issues.

Available Services:


  • Payroll check preparation


  • Payroll register 


  • On-line access to payment records (both employer and employee) 


  • Direct Deposit 


  • Departmental reporting 


  • Certified Payroll 


  • Tax Filing & Payment for all applicable taxes of your payroll with a penalty-free guarantee 


  • State and Municipality tax filing and payments 


  • Internet Hour Reporting 


  • New Hire reporting 


  • Garnishments and deductions 


  • Year-end W-2s and 1099s 


  • Section 125 plan set-up and administration


  • Retirement and 401k plan set-up


  • Human Resources Hot Line


  • Human Resources consulting and services (on site if required)

  • I-9 review and updating of work permit authorizations 


  • W-4 review and compliance 


  • Vacation/sick accruals and reporting 


  • Employee file maintenance 


  • Assistance with workers compensation year-end audits 


  • Workers compensation pay-as-you-go reporting 


  • Risk Management 


  • Time and Attendance Software and integration 


  • Software integration for employee demographics and general ledger 


  • Customized employee manuals 


  • Termination assistance 


  • Unemployment claims representation 


  • Review of exempt vs. non-exempt status 


  • Assistance with qualifying/hiring new employees ​


  • COBRA  


  • Employee Screening Pre-Employment

Basics of Payroll Processing

Pay Day


  • On an agreed upon schedule, you will calculate your employees’ wages our trusted advisors will help you understand how to withhold the correct amount of taxes & issue their paycheck


Payroll Taxes


  • You will need to pay Federal & State taxes that are withheld from your employees’ paychecks


Tax Forms


  • Your team of advisors can help you decide what the best fit is for your business; most businesses file quarterly and some file monthly or yearly



Common Payroll Issues




  • Hours, wages, withholdings, taxes and healthcare benefits can easily be miscalculated




  • It’s your responsibility to keep up with Federal & State tax deadlines




  • A full service payroll option like takes complete ownership of all your tax responsibilities and lowers the risk of miscalculations and missed deadlines, reducing your risk of penalties

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