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You can now accept and process American Express® Card transactions the same way other payment card transactions from other major card networks are processed. This will enable a simplified workflow, with less back-office management; it frees up more time for marketing, customer service, and the other numerous tasks critical to running a successful small business.



  • One customer servicing contact for all card processing needs


  • Single deposits for all card transactions


  • Single statement for all card networks


  • Simplified reconciliation


  • Fast set-up



Why Should You Accept American Express Cards?


  • When you accept American Express Cards, you become a member in a powerful network that can help your business thrive


  • There are over 54 million American Express Cards in force in the U.S. (2014 American Express Annual Report) 


  • You can feel confident you are aligned with a trusted brand


  • American Express offers access to high spending, loyal, consumer, small business and corporate Card Members 


  • Accepting American Express Cards gives you the ability to say, “yes” to customers’ preferred payment choice


  • American Express offers useful marketing resources to help manage your business and attract new customers

American Express OptBlue® 

Credit Card Processing Miami


American Express can help build your profits by giving you access to high-spending card members.

25% MORE


American Express Card Members report spending on average 25% morethan non-Card Members per transaction at small merchants.

$510 Average


American Express Card Members report spending an average of $510 at small merchants in one month compared to $314 reported by non-Card Members.

112 Purchases


American Express Card Members report making an average of 112 business-related purchases from small merchants in the past month, compared to 13 such purchases for non-Card Members.

Are you ready to accept American Express?

Say "Yes" to you Customers

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