At Current Payment Solutions, we believe that we can save you money on your existing merchant account.

Let our team of professionals review your most recent credit card statements today!  We will deliver a tailored processing solution that can streamline credit card acceptance for your business.  

Fax or scan your most recent processing statement to CPS today and one of our team members will follow up with you within 24 hours. 


If we are unable to beat your current rate we will send you a check for $200.00.

While everyone else focuses strictly on processing, and deliver a "one size fits most" solution to your business needs, we take a three prong approach that delivers a unique solution for you and your business.


At Current Payment Solutions, our first step is getting to know our prospective clients.  We look at where they are, where they have been, and where they are looking to go.  We work alongside our clients to help them achieve their goals.  We present options for payables and receivables not limited to credit card acceptance.


Because we understand that no two businesses are built the same, we examine your individual needs and design a solution that is tailored to your unique needs.  We take into account your wants and the tools available to help your business grow.  Whether you're a startup or a well established business, CPS will customize your own plan to focus on your individual goals.  Keeping our clients current with today's developments and tomorrow's ideas, CPS is an investment in your company's future.


Here's how we can help...


  • Safe Processing: EMV™, Encryption, Tokenization, Compliance, and Risk Mitigation


  • eCommerce Payment Processing


  • Mobile enablement for POS


  • Comprehensive Reporting



  • Tailored Prepaid Card Programs


  • Check Processing Services


  • Compliance Services & Updates


  • Settlement Options

    • Next Day Funding1

    • Expedited Funding2


  • 24/7 Support


  • Dedicated Relationship Management Team


  • Options for High-Risk Merchants

    • Flexible Reserve Options

    • Chargeback Management Partners




1:  Third Party gateways may charge additional connection and processing fees. Cut of times may vary depending on selected front-end.
2:  Not all merchants qualify for Expedited Funding.  Contact C.P.S. today to see if you qualify.

Merchants Benefit from Guaranteed Payments

Merchants that accept electronic payments see increased sales and lower processing costs than those still only accepting paper payments such as cash and checks.  A merchant that accepts electronic payments is proven to attract new customers while retaining existing customers by providing a fast and efficient buying experience.


  • For the past 10 years, on average for every $1.00 of interchange paid, U.S. merchants benefit from $1.60 in increased sales paid for by the issuer as a result of guaranteed payment


  • In the U.S., on average, the value derived from accepting credit cards is more than five times the amount paid in interchange


  • The value provided to merchants from electronic transactions is about 1.5 to 2.5 times the total cost of acceptance for debit and about 2.5 to 3 times the total cost of acceptance for credit


  • Average debit and credit transactions range from two to four times the size of a cash transaction in developed markets to over 20 to 30 times respectively in others

What is Interchange?

Interchange is a small fee paid by a merchant's bank (acquirer) to a cardholder's bank (issuer) to compensate the issuer for the value and benefits that merchants receive when they accept electronic payments.  It enables banks that issue electronic payments to deliver tremendous value to merchants, governments and consumers.







Additional Resources:

Can I Pay A Flat Fee?

If you are still confused with trying to understand Interchange, we offer flat rate programs.  


Stop guessing what your next merchant statement is going to look like.  


We can set you up with our bundled pricing and make it easy for you to read your monthly merchant statement. 

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