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Non Profit Payment Processing
Non Profit Payment Processing

CPS can assist your with streamlining your tithing process.  Let us help you create multiple sources of payment acceptance via hosted donation pages, mobile devices, kiosks, and wireless terminals.  Giving options to your congregants will help increase your opportunity to collect for your house of worship.


  • Maximize tithing made with credit cards, debit cards, ACH, and Checks for you non-profit via a hosted payment platform


  • Reduce time and labor associated with recording and depositing checks by converting to electronic payments


  • Reduce fees associated with depositing bounced checks


  • Retain existing donors and reduce marketing costs with automated donation options


  • Increase payment security by using PCI-compliant payment processing solutions



CPS makes it easy for your congregation to accept donations while maintaining security and flexibility.  Extending the payment flexibility of your non-profit organization is critical in today's payment environment.  CPS offers non-profit credit card processing solutions that allow organizations to create simple payments, so their donor base can contribute to a cause by simply entering their information online and setting up a convenient donation schedule.


No more mail float or waiting for paper checks to clear!


Tithing Made Simple

Maximize tithing by implementing technology accessible to anybody and everywhere via:

Webpage - Mobile Phones - Tablets

Credit Card Processing Miami


Create a custom application and stay connected with your congregants.


Accepts payments via text message.


Setup kiosks and accept payments at events and fundraisers.

Create Advocacy and Engagement Through Your Custom Mobile Application with:

Push notifications to all members that downloaded the Mobile Application

  • Immediate and efficient way to reach members


Calendar of Events

  •   Offer Registration Options

  •   Create Reminders

Registration & Payments


  • Courses

  • Events

  • Memberships



  •   Keeps members constantly receiving updates on your activities and events

  •   Prayer Requests 

Video Feeds

  •  Upload and share your event videos


Recurring Billing Options


  • Simple and secure 

  • Allow congregants to make donations yearly, monthly or even weekly (flexibility to adjust as needed) 

  • Save congregants time and money by eliminating the need to write out and mail donations



Church Payment Processing
Buddhist Temple Payment Processing
Jewish Temple Payment Processing
Religious Payment Processing



Streamline your tithing and give your congregants options.

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