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Municipality Payment Processing

Current Payment Solutions offers solutions for cities, schools, transit authorities and federal agencies to accept payments from citizens and taxpayers.  We make sure you’re always up-to-date with information on rules and regulations, EMV and PCI compliance, convenience fees, interchange management and emerging payment technologies.



Governments experience significant efficiencies while promoting financial inclusion when they distribute social benefits, collect receivables and enable services via electronic payments.


  • Electronic payments help safeguard against waste, fraud and abuse


  • Using electronic payments to deliver social benefits is more efficient and secure


  • Black and grey economies fueled by untraceable and untaxable cash payments flourish where electronic payments use is low



Convenience Fees

CPS has systems that allow you you to process via web, interactive voice response, kiosks and face-to-face models while allowing you to pass on a convenience fee.  Our systems offer flexibility to support variable and fixed fee structures as well as single and dual-transaction methods.  Our team can help you manage the convenience fee compliance requirements of all major card associations.


PCI Compliance 

CPS assists with the challenges you face as a government entity. Our Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is an evolving framework designed to protect cardholder data.



CPS will help get you up to EMV compliance standards.  EMV protects against counterfeit fraud through authentication of unique data that lives on chip cards, smart phones and other devices. It also provides risk management both online and offline. 


Expense Reduction

CPS helps you analyze public sector interchange qualifications, so your overall costs remain low.


Transaction Management
CPS offers enterprise-level access to all transaction and settlement data.



Here's How We Can Help:

  • Mobile Bill Payment provides customers the convenience to pay anytime, anywhere from their device.

    • The customer receives a due date alert and then executes the payment via text message.

  • Ensure monthly visits to your website with Online Bill Payment.

    • Customers can conveniently view their bills and securely make payments by eCheck or credit card directly from your website.

  • With Online Bill Presentment, deliver statements, invoices and other documents electronically.

    • Go green and eliminate your use of paper.

  • Provide customers convenience with the Walk-In Payment Solution—operating 3,000 agent locations, including check cashing, grocery and convenience stores, in 36 states.

  • Identification Verification (VerID) provides away for payment locations to positively identify customers so service can be established in their name with complete confidence of residence and identity.

  • The Customer Service Representative (CSR) Payments System is easy-to-use—enabling customer service representatives to accept payments via eCheck or credit card over the phone.

  • Automated Phone Payments allow customers to make a payment when it’s convenient for them with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Technology.

  • Direct Debit provides a safe and easy way to electronically debit the customer’s checking or savings account each month at minimal cost.

  • Lockbox Processing is a robust remittance solution for customers who prefer to make a traditional payment.

    • Customers send their payments to a PO box, which are collected and processed.

  • Payment Concentrator Processing allows you to convert multiple payment streams of bank bill pay (electronic lockbox or eBox) and multiple payment solution providers into a single deposit.

Let Us Help You Collect:

  • Court Fees


  • Licensing Fees


  • Public Utility Fees


  • Tax Payments


  • Public Transit Fees


  • Parks and Recreation Fees


  • Parking & Garage Fees


  • Traffic Citations


  • School Administration Fees


  • Waste & Water Management Fees

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