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Free Clover POS


The Clover™ Station simplifies the day-to-day tasks of running your business. This next-generation solution arrives preloaded with everything you need to streamline your operations.


  • Automatically track inventory and build records for every transaction.


  • Build customer loyalty and drive repeat sales with loyalty solutions.


  • Safeguard customer card data and protect your business with our PCI assistance®.


  • Customize your Clover™ to meet your specific business needs with apps from it's dedicated app market.


  • Access your business information from anywhere at any time on your smartphone, computer or tablet with the Clover™ Web dashboard.


  • Identify product trends, gain insight into customer habits and benchmark your business against local competition with the Insightics analytics solution.


  • Be prepared to accept EMV chip cards and all types of payments.


  • FD40 PIN pad available for PIN debit transactions.

Free Clover POS
Free Clover POS

Reduce Fraud & Allow 

Your Customers To

Pay-At-The Table!

Clover POS Miami

Clover Station

Clover Mobile Miami

Clover Mobile

Clover Mini Miami

Clover Mini

Clover™  Can Help Your Business:


  • Cut down lines


  • Increase add-on orders


  • Enable Apple Pay for ordering and payment


  • Save labor


  • Take payments at the table


  • Submit orders straight from the table to the kitchen


  • Managers can view activity from anywhere


  • Increase add-on orders


  • Speed up takeout pickups

Clover™ App Market:

Clover™ comes loaded with a core set of apps to get you started, such as Register, Card Transactions and Reporting. Then use the Clover™ App Market to load custom apps, like Inventory, Employees and Shifts, to meet your unique needs


We’re continually adding new apps for your every need, so be sure to check the App Market frequently to continue to customize your Clover™ Station. 


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